Q-01 Why the company has issued bonus shares for 2 times in FY 2001-02 and FY 2005-06?
A-01 Both the bonus issues (07/01/2002 and 20/12/2005) were approved by the shareholders in the General Body Meeting as good amount was lying in reserves & surplus account.
Q-02 Why the company is paying low dividend?

Due to growing requirement of fund for the future business activities, the company has not been able to pay dividend for the FY 2006-07 @ 3%.

Q-03 What is the status of Income Tax, Sales Tax, PF, ESIC, Professional Tax?

Income Tax - Complied
Sales Tax - Complied
Professional Tax  - Complied           
ESIC & PF - Complied

Q-04 Who are your bankers?

Neither, we have availed any kind of term loan from any bank nor do we enjoy any credit limits. However, we are banking with HDFC Bank.